146.760 Repeater

  • #1: The output frequency is 146.760 MHz

    146.760 is the frequency that the repeater transmits on. Knowing this you will want to program your receiver to receive on 146.760 MHz

  • #2:The offset is -0.600

    Knowing the offset is minus 0.600 you will want to set your transmit frequency to 146.160 MHz

  • #3: The PL Tone is 127.3

    Knowing the transmit tone is required to access the repeater you will need to set it to 127.3

    You can also set the tone squelch to 127.3 on the receive side if you would like.

  • #4: This is a split site repeater with a voter and several remote receivers.

    A traditionally repeater will receive and transmit from a single location.

    The 147.760 repeater has a main site located downtown Jacksonville, Florida which consist of a voter and a local 146.160 receiver and two other receivers to receive the RF signal from the Orange Park and Dames point bridge remote receivers. The voter will receive the audio from these three receivers and vote the best signal that will be transmitted from the main site. The Orange Park and Dames point sites have a receiver to receive on 146.160 and send the audio to the main site downtown to be voted. Each of the remote sites consist of a power supply, receiver, transmitter, battery backup, coax and dual antenna. The dames point site has additional filters in place also.

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