146.880 D-Star Repeater

  • #1: The output frequency is 146.880 MHz

    146.880 is the frequency that the repeater transmits on. Knowing this you will want to program your receiver to receive on 146.880 MHz

  • #2:The offset is -0.600

    Knowing the offset is minus 0.600 you will want to set your transmit frequency to 146.280 MHz

  • #3:There is no tone required. This is a digital repeater.
  • #4: This is a D-Star repeater and is set to default to 30 Charlie.

    This Repeater is located on Baptist South Hospital Jacksonville, FL.

    This sites consist of a power supply, D-Star Repeater, controller, coax, duplexers and antenna.

  • #4: Here is the link to the D-Star Dashboard.
    D-Star Dashboard

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