Echolink is back on the 147.315mhz repeater

The Echolink setup that was previously on the 146.76 repeater is now on the 147.315 repeater.   We are working on cleaning up the interface and fine tuning audio levels.   It may be intermittently offline until it gets to its permanent home on April 2nd.  Please feel free to download Echolink and connect to us on node #  504177

When is damaged coax a good thing?

When it get’s donated to RANGE.  A local communications company ordered a 100+ foot run of 7/8 inch RFS Cellflex cable.   It was kinked during the process of putting it on the spool.  We unwound the cable and removed the damaged area leaving us with about a 48 foot run and 82 foot run of cable.   This donation is worth over $500 and will come in handy as we continue to expand coverage of the .76 repeater and upgrade the UHF repeater.   Thank you to our anonymous donor!